Irrespective of their backgrounds, past participants overwhelmingly rated our courses as very good to excellent. In their feedback, participants singled out the following aspects of the program as particularly valuable:

  • Increased understanding of coaching process
  • Quality of the skills training
  • Quality of the facilitation
  • Value of being exposed to a diversity of practicing coaches
  • Helpful guidance on suitable reading materials
  • Excellent modeling of coaching by the presenters
  • Innovative learning experiences
  • Practical applicability of course content
  • Continuous attention to learning needs of participants

Quotes from Participants:

Overall course rating on a scale of 1-10: 12 … Love this seminar & everything about coaching!

Bobbe McGinley, Addictions Counseling Treatment

Be prepared to be impacted personally and professionally!

Katharine Halpin, Master Certified Coach

One of the reasons that I chose this school, after doing some investigating, is that it looked like it was a very holistic approach, and also very comprehensive, in that I was going to get the best of many approaches.  … I want to be comfortable that I’ve got the spectrum that’s needed to be properly trained, and to be able to pick and choose what feels right for me from a number of disciplines in coaching, and that’s totally what I got at the Adler School.   Not to mention wonderful connections with fabulous people, and really great personal growth….  It was just a fabulous decision for me to take that program.

Joyce Kaplan, Attorney

If you want to help people to bring about change and meaning in their life, then Adler will teach you how.  They know what they are talking about, and the course is very rewarding.

Jan McGrath, Partner, jpSage Consulting

Best course I have ever taken.

Michael Shovlain, Executive Director, Scottsdale Prevention Institute

The ‘Foundations of Professional Coaching’ class was extremely valuable to me in that it taught me the difference between advising, consulting, and coaching. Now, when I meet with clients, I ask more questions to draw out their own answers. My interactions have become more focused on clients’ needs, ideas, and solutions rather than my own.

Barbara Limmer, Director of Alumni and Executive Career Management, Thunderbird, The American Graduate School of International Management

… Class sizes are limited so the personal attention and support during and beyond the classroom are incredible…. From the moment we enter the classroom until the moment we leave, we are immersed in a rich, multi level learning experience. It’s always challenging, meaningful and above all fun!

Isabell McDougall, Director of Community Development for Maricopa County, AZ