About The Adler School of Coaching

Adler Learning-USA, order located in Phoenix, AZ, offers the award-winning, globally renowned programs of Adler International Learning. We are a team of coaching professionals dedicated to offering the finest coach training to individuals and organizations in the United States.

Adler Coaching Model

Adler offers an intuitive and highly adaptable approach to coaching that is deeply grounded in what the client wants to achieve. This graphic symbolizes the many forces at work that support an exciting, transforming coaching experience that maximizes desired outcomes:

The outer triangle represents the goals of coaching: enhanced performance, learning and fulfillment for the client

The center triangle represents the powerful gains that the client derives from the coaching relationship: increased awareness, clarity of choice and expanded self-trust and confidence

The middle triangle represents what the coach brings to the coaching relationship: a structured and proven effective process; acutely developed skills in communication and other core competencies specifically attuned to coaching; and the coaching mindset and capacity to build a safe, trusting relationship that nurtures development


What We Offer : A Professional Coach Certification Program Accredited by the International Coach Federation

  • An extensive coach training program in our intuitive and highly adaptable model that can be applied to any niche of coaching: Executive Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Business Coaching, Financial Coaching, Life Coaching, Transition Coaching, Wellness Coaching, Spiritual Coaching, Relationship Coaching, etc.
  • A coaching model built on the human performance principles and philosophy of Alfred Adler, with a focus on human thriving
  • In-depth preparation for coaching in the context of work, for internals, externals, or any coach whose clients want to address work-related issues
  • A face-to-face interactive delivery format, and a rich, creative multi-level learning experience


Award-winning, globally distributed corporate leadership programs (distinguished by winners of the prestigious PRISM Award, for outstanding organizational development through coaching)

  • Streamlined “Leader as Coach” training that teaches basic coaching skills, and helps managers and leaders to bring a Coach Approach to their roles at work
  • Advanced and specialty coach training courses, such as Team/Group Coaching
  • Coach referrals – assistance in locating an Adler Certified Professional Coach


Our Goals

  • Cultivating positive change through dynamic conversations and co-created relationships that empower and impact
  • Creating transformative learning opportunities
  • Encouraging connection and contribution for the betterment of humanity

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