Internal Coaching Development & Certification

Our award-winning coach training program provides in-depth coach training and certification to develop robust coaching competency for internal coaching specialists, try who may lead an internal coaching program and support an organizational coaching culture. It is designed to boost individual and organizational success and to establish and cultivate a culture that supports employee capacity for communicating effectively, purchase managing work groups, cialis solving problems and making effective decisions.


More and more businesses are experiencing the positive impact of building internal programs that offer coaching services to executives and other employees. The International Coach Federation (ICF) reports the value of internal programs in their 2013 Organizational Coaching Study.  The reported benefits include:

  • Internal coaches are seen as more accessible, reducing time invested in sourcing coaching services
  • The development of the unique skill set of coaching can filter through the organization over time and impact teams on an ongoing basis
  • Internal coaches have an inherent knowledge and understanding of the company culture that external coaches do not have.

Executive Summary: 2013 ICF Organizational Coaching Study

Case studies provide more detailed information about why organizations choose to develop internal coaching programs for their employees and the results that come from that investment.  Our client Banner Health, one of the largest nonprofit healthcare systems in the United States, addressed the challenges presented in a complex environment by launching an in-house coaching program seven years ago. They maintain a pool of more than 50 internal coaches who have played a part in improved conflict resolution, enhanced teamwork, improved productivity, improved patient satisfaction and better clinical outcomes.

Managing Complexity Through Coaching at Banner Health

Adler’s Coaching Certification Program is being used by a growing number of organizations to develop a cadre of skillful internal coaches to expand internal coaching capacity and to support Leader as Coach organizational culture. Our program is accredited by the ICF (International Coach Federation), and includes a deep focus on coaching in the context work.

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