Executive & Leadership Coaching Services

Address the multifaceted challenges of leadership, medical break out of unwanted patterns of behavior and thought, see and achieve or exceed organizational vision and goals through our customized, tiered approach to individual coaching. Appropriate for executives, top levels of leadership, management, emerging leaders, high-potential employees and identified successors, coaching is tailored to meet the unique coaching needs of your organization’s key players to drive development and achieve success.

What is Executive & Leadership Coaching?

Today’s workplace is dynamic and fast-paced. Leading an organization through complex, high-stakes challenges requires connection to your best qualities, finest strengths, and highest capacity for leadership. The coaching relationship and process establishes that connection and helps the professional discover and take advantage of opportunities, solve problems and address issues as they arise. Imagination, creativity, resilience and productivity are enhanced, and the impact can be profound.

Executives and business leaders team up with coaches for a variety of reasons:

  • To enlist an unbiased sounding board
  • To access personal and professional power to address the leadership challenges
  • To break out of unwanted patterns of behavior and thought
  • To achieve and exceed organizational vision and goals
  • To contribute in meaningful ways to the larger community
  • To move beyond the boundaries of circumstance into the power of possibility.

Working with an executive coach can enhance performance, improve customer service and public perception, increase retention of quality employees, and enrich the quality of professional relationships. Individual executive coaching has a ripple effect that can have substantial, positive impact on the organization. The bottom line? Enhanced productivity, innovation, quality, profit and success.

Adler Learning USA Executive Coaching provides:

  • Highly qualified and experienced professional coaches with extensive workplace coaching experience
  • A practical coach orientation and approach
  • Objective perspectives to challenge thinking generate insights and provide feedback to leaders in addressing short and long-term challenges and development needs.

A Customized, Tiered Approach to Coaching Services

Adler Learning USA offers a tiered approach to meet the unique needs of organizations from one-on-one executive coaching to large-scale internal coaching programs:

  • Individual executive coaching for top levels of leadership
  • Individual coaching for management, emerging leaders, high-potential employees and identified successors
  • Team coaching for high-stakes groups and teams
  • An organizational approach that utilizes certified training to build an internal coaching program for the benefit of multiple employees

The Need for and Benefits of Individual Coaching

Building organizational capacity is a core function of executive leaders. This happens most effectively when the capacity of individuals is strengthened. Highly skilled employees who can function well with teams, provide confident leadership, and communicate effectively across a broad spectrum of groups and individuals give an organization a leading edge.

Individual coaching gives the executive:

  • One-on-one attention from a highly skilled, certified coach
  • An unbiased, confidential sounding board to explore opportunities and challenges
  • The potential to make improvements in work habits, mindsets, attitudes, productivity, communication and professional relationships
  • New perspectives and frameworks that support confidence, decision-making and accountability

When executives experience the impact of work with a certified, professional coach, they often see the value in extending this benefit to members of their leadership team. Coaching at this high level magnifies the effects, often leading to greater accountability, transparency and productivity in your leadership team. Mutual respect, enhanced sensitivity and response to ethical and moral issues provide leverage to leading an organization through opportunities and challenges.

Organizational Fitness

Darwin was right! In today’s market, it’s the fittest that survive and succeed. But what does it mean to be “fit?” A fit organization is built on individuals who:

  • Are adaptable, resourceful and resilient, build on their strengths and move into their potential
  • Operate effectively in teams and can work with others toward the realization of team and organizational goals
  • Help others work through transition and change
  • Assume responsibility for their attitudes, words and actions
  • Demonstrate high levels of commitment and accountability
  • Address problems that are ambiguous and complex
  • Communicate effectively across all levels of the organization

Call today, and we will work closely with you to understand your organization’s needs and identify which level of our services will best enhance your success!

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