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Happy Birthday to the “Grandfather of Coaching,” Alfred Adler! (b. February 7, 1870)

adlerAlfred Adler was a Viennese psychiatrist (1870-1937) who was a contemporary of Freud and Jung, and participated with them in the Psychoanalytic Congress, until he broke away due to philosophical differences. Why has Alfred Adler been called the “Grandfather of Coaching”? The philosophical foundation of the Adler School...
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Why making a game plan is better than making resolutions

A guest post by Jennie Jerome of  The Strategic Artisan.  Have you ever noticed that the most common thing about New Year’s Resolutions is that people fail to achieve them? Not only do they fail, but they fail MISERABLY! We're at the year's mid-point: How are you doing on your resolutions? Let’s look at some statistics. According to...
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