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Practicum is a 6-month virtual classroom experience that transitions the student into the world of an active coaching practitioner, order and serves as a powerful incubator for skill development. Participants acquire clients, capsule obtain feedback on their coaching through supervision, and share their learning through case studies. Students receive 10 hours of Mentor Coaching during Practicum. Practicum groups are capped at 12 students for highly individualized instruction and mentoring.




Eligibility Contents Hours
Coaches who have completed the three Adler 5-day courses: Foundations of Professional Coaching; The Coaching Conversation in the Context of Work; and Moving Towards Artful Coaching. 6-month Virtual Program with multiple components designed to enhance coaching competence, deepen and broaden grounding in the Adler coaching model, and develop key elements required for professional coach practice 22.5 hours of TeleLabs

10 hours of supervised coaching and feedback

40 hours of coaching

10 hours of Mentor Coaching

Reflective learning assignments


Practicum Outline

Participants are eligible to start their Practicum after completing all the face-to-face course work.

The Practicum requirements include the following key elements:

  • Logging 40 hours of practice coaching (included in the 100 hours required for certification)
  • Being coached for 10 hours by a mentor coach
  • Completing 10 coaching supervision sessions with faculty (4 Peer Coaching sessions + 6 Individual Feedback sessions)
  • Completing 22.5 hours of coaching labs
  • Presenting a Case Study
  • Attending a minimum of 10 supplemental teleclasses (at least 5 must be attended live; 5 may be recorded)
  • Structured developmental reflection on all components
  • Completing a Practice Profile

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