Course 1: Foundations of Professional Coaching

Guy with LightbulbFoundations of Professional Coaching offers a rigorous grounding in the Adler coaching model in an interactive, stimulating environment of hands-on coaching.  Elements covered by this course include:

The Mindset of Coaching

Adler’s Coaching Model and Guiding Principles

The Core Coaching Competencies

Structure of the Coaching Conversation

What It Takes to be a Coach


Course 1:

Foundations of Professional Coaching

“Foundations” is both a powerful stand-alone introduction to coaching, and the first course in our ICF Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP).

Participants Contents Hours
Aspiring Professional Coaches

Leaders and Managers

Human Resource and Organizational Development Professionals

Training and Development Professionals

Business Consultants

Behavioral Health Professionals

Health & Wellness Professionals

Business Owners

Teachers, School Counselors and Administrators

Parenting Educators

Spiritual Leaders

Anyone who has a role in developing others toward personal and professional potential

The conceptual framework of coaching

The Adler coaching model and its application

Adler’s Guiding Principles

The Core Competencies of coaching

A starter-kit of coaching tools and techniques

Theoretical and evidence-based foundations for coaching

Opportunities to practice using skills, tools and techniques

Exploring where you fit in the coaching field

5 Classroom days (30 hours)

Follow-up teleclasses

Three assignments for independent work


This course introduces:

1.  A coaching model and principles that support learning in the following areas:

  • What coaching is and how it is distinguished from counseling, consulting, training, mentoring, managing
  • The distinction between coaching as a profession and the use of coaching skills in different contexts, e.g., using coaching skills as a manager, versus being an internal or external coach
  • The “landscape” of coaching as a profession e.g., professional affiliations, trends, and specialized forms of coaching

2.  The ICF Core Coaching Competencies allowing participants to:

  • Gain greater insight into what each of the core competencies entail
  • Participate in activities that are designed to develop skills

3.  A focus on coaching skills that familiarizes participants with:

  • Initiating and managing a coaching relationship and process with an individual client, including co-creating an agreement, clarifying goals and desired outcomes for the coaching process, conducting an initial discovery meeting, and managing logistics over time
  • Having powerful coaching conversations with a client designed to enhance client awareness, expand client choice, and increase the client’s self-trust and confidence, in service of moving towards the client’s goals
  • Designing a short-term plan with actions that will move clients towards their intentions and goals
  • Establishing action planning and accountability structures to support a client’s actions over time

Foundations of Professional Coaching offers a supportive learning environment that encourages participants to:

  • Articulate both their current and desired future goals in the landscape of coaching by considering their gifts, skills, experience, and preferences and how they want to focus their coaching
  • Reflect on their strengths and vision, and identify areas of personal and professional growth and development to serve their advancement as a coach
  • Move from reflection on their coaching to designing personalized learning and development plans to enhance their coaching competence and to support personal growth
  • Reflect on their coaching and assess themselves using the framework of the Adler model and the core coaching competencies as a bench-mark

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